Absence Phone Line: 567 7813 - ring our main phone line and press 1 to leave an absence message

Please remember to ring in before 9.00 am if your child will not be at school for all or part of the day. This reduces the lengthy process of contacting you to check on absences. We use an electronic absence notification system, which means you will be initially contacted via text message and/or email when your child is away and no notification has been received.

​For medical and dental appointments during school hours, permission is always given provided there is verification by an appointment card, letter or phone call.


We realise, that many families are under great financial pressure. We are only too happy to accept payment in stages throughout the year. Many of our families pay their total account (expenses, stationery and trips) by Automatic Payment, spread over the year. Please contact the office staff for further information.

Invoices will be sent out regularly and are available on request at any time.


Naenae Intermediate is part of the Ministry funded "Healthy Lunch in Schools" programme

All students are provided with a nutritious lunch every day.

Dietary needs are catered for.

Telephone Messages

Messages for students can only be taken if of an urgent nature. Similarly, the school telephone is only available for students’ use in emergencies. Students may use the telephone to contact parents after school. Permission is needed from the office staff.

Damage to School Property

We accept that occasionally accidental damage will occur. However, in cases of willful damage, parents will be informed immediately and asked to reimburse the cost of repair or replacement.


Students should not bring large amounts of money or expensive equipment to school. IPads, IPods, hand held games, etc. should be left at home. The school can take no responsibility for the loss of such items. Students of this age group are also renowned for their ability to lose items of clothing. Our lost property overflows by the end of the year with unclaimed garments. Please make sure all clothing is named! Cell phones are permitted at school, but must be placed in the classroom ‘lockup’ at the beginning of the day.