Leisure Education, a weekly programme, includes a range of "elective" recreational and interest activities that students choose to participate in. This gives our pupils the opportunity to learn new skills and pursue different interests. Upwards of fifteen options are available during each three to four week cycle, including art & craft activities, cultural, sporting & music activities.

The school operates a two year cycle of major events designed to provide additional desirable learning experiences. All pupils have the opportunity to be involved in an outdoor education camp, a mid-winter ball and a major musical production during their time at Naenae Intermediate.

EOTC programmes provide students with access to hands-on experiences that are not available inside the classroom. They offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities that support your child’s learning and achievement.

These programmes are aligned with the National Curriculum.

These pages suggest ways you can assist your child’s school to maximise learning and safety during EOTC experiences.

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